Internet stuff for like-minds.

internet STuff For Like-minds.

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“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


Digital branding today is like the Milky Way: a complex galaxy that dazzles and arcs across the cyber sky. For your small business, launching and piloting a digital satellite is nonnegotiable. But hiring a NASA of online marketing can be cost-prohibitive. Likewise, managing a cohort of neurotic freelancers is a logistical nightmare. So, you put off redesigning your website. You dabble in social media, but no one follows. You lose time, interest, and money. "Internet Stuff" remains dense as astrophysics and discourages you.

That's why we created Blot. A down-to-earth boutique digital branding cooperative that offers the cogency of an agency freelance prices. Our spheres of influence include cyber strategy, creative digital services, and public relations. We believe that Internet Stuff is most skillful when it's about what's universal and real: the stars. Or,  you

Time to look forward to trying the Internet. 


Serving small businesses that serve the world.

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How We work:


Think of us as your own personal solar system of graphic designers, web developers, writers, and social media satellites orbiting your digital brand. Working as a "collective" means that we have bundled our freelance offerings into integrated project quotes that cohesively address the queries we receive most often. Namely, how to get a website off the ground, generate genuine bios, logos, photography, and graphics, as well as make a skillful mark in the nebulous realms of PR, social media, blogs, e-blasts, and more.  


What we do:


Website Development

The most authentic websites seem to just happen by themselves. But, there's always effort in effortlessness. Let us help you strategize and situate your cyber home, streamline your visuals, and refine your copy into coherency.  Your website: one unit, complete.

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Verbal branding

Words, words, words. Even in our image-driven universe, we can't get away from these old-school catalyzers of communication. Whether you're looking for a new bio, e-blasts, or a cyber novella in the first-person, we can craft, revise, and human-spellcheck for you. 

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Visual Branding 

In today's digital landscape, visual currency is king. We can help you create, organize, and disseminate a genuine and compelling visual brand. Our visual dynamos do it all: logos, business cards, posters, e-blast templates, photography, and more. 

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Media Kits

Before you inbox the press, you need to be clear about your story: who you are, and why are you doing it. Together, we'll compile a clear and concise media kit comprised of a bio, press release, and headshot. Tell the press who you are, and not the other way around. 

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Social Media Strategy

Joining the conversation because everybody else is chattering away is a recipe for brand devaluation and social media burnout. With a creative and logistical strategy customized from the ground up, not only will your message come through to those poised to receive it, you'll actually be able to sustain it. 

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Skillful publicity is rooted in symbiosis of brand, press, and the public. At Blot, we cultivate brand awareness by catalyzing genuine curiosity through relationship with like-minded press and celebrities. Fashion is our speciality and our showroom is located in London, but we also look after influencers and small brands around the world. 

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Consulting + Business Development

Transformation of your brand begins as a visualization. Whether that means reincarnating a static brand message or intriguing investors with a genuine growth opportunity, our marketing consultants can guide you in making your brand's next step like you're making a mandala. 

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Ad Hoc

Curious to film a visual manifesto? Weave your life story into an illustrated memoire?  Mount the art exhibition of your dreams? If there's a service you're after, but you don't see it here, please let us know

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Q: How many Zen buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Three – one to change it, one to not-change it, and one to both change-and not-change it.
— Ancient Zen Proverb